Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Winter Pastels (Outfit Post)

So it's a rare occasion that i do an outfit post on here, confidence is something i'm very much lacking in. However i love some of my new purchases so much that i decided it had to be done. 

I love that Winter Pastels is now a thing and i particularly enjoy the silver elements to it all. (gold has never been a favourite). The bag started the whole thing off as a present from my dear friend Jayne and my new coat is something that will definitely be keeping me snug this December and not something i'd usually go for. 
I paired it with my frilly collar blouse, gem necklace from my mum's wedding and some cute little silver mid heel flats.

 Silver backpack and Frilly collar blouse New Look, Fluffy coat and silver shoes Topshop, Necklace Miss Selfridge, Jeans H&M, Rope knot headband Primark

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Paris for work

I said i had a work surprise, and i wasn't really allowed to tell anyone. But it's been and gone now so i can spill all!
They decided to send me to Paris on a research trip back at the end of september and i couldn't have been more thrilled.
I've never been sent anywhere with any of my jobs before (aside from London) and for someone that sits in the office mon-fri 9-6 it was a very welcome and exciting surprise.
Me and another girl were to head to France for a bit of a competitive shop and also to soak up the general feel of our French customer. As the French ambassador for the team i was the obvious choice, but it felt good that they trusted me with the task. It may not seem like a big deal to others but it was a a personal goal for me.

Here's the non-work related evidence.