Sunday, 14 September 2014

The best birthday in years

I've always wanted to be 27. Whenever i thought of myself as being older and living the dream life it was always age 27. All the great stars seem to hit their peak when they were 27 also so it has always seemed like an age where you begin to become the person you want to be. I've always felt like a bit of a child before but not anymore, i'm heading for 30's now. SCARY!
With all this is in mind i was excited for this year's birthday however i didn't hold too much hope as birthdays are often a bit of a let down to be honest. So instead i planned a wine tasting evening at the local Portugese tapas with a few close friends and my new housemate and left everything else to it. No expectations.
It could have been this attitude which made it turn out to be great, who knows? Regardless, it made me appreciate everything i had around me, friends, work, family and my new little home life. Kinda cheesey but its true. It was a stellar day. 
Anyway i won't do much more talking and i'll just pop up the photo's so you can see for yourself.

The work fam

Country walks with the band

 The Dales

I say jump, you say how high

Caterpillar cake :D

Tapas at Luisitana Chorlton, highly recommend

Some of the swag 

Wine tasting got messy after the second glass

New lipstick thanks @lynngal

New coat from my work laydees (creepy face)

Wow has it actually really nearly been a year???

Really let myself go.
I guess it's tough because in the last 12 months my life has very much changed and i haven't really had time to be writing everything down. It's been a busy time.

I've left Liverpool and am no residing in the very cute little suburb of Chorlton, Manchester.
My commute has more than halved and so i'm no longer a bleary eyed sleepy soldier at my desk, craving the first coffee. I've now a spring in my step and it takes me less than half an hour to cycle so i guess you could say the fresh air and the lie ins/exercise are doing me good. 
Chorlton is an ideal little place to call home. It's got the leafy streets, the quirky pubs, the quaint coffee houses and a real sense of creativity in the midst. YET it is a very short tram ride (10 mins) into the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan Manchester city centre. 
I grew up south of Manchester not far away from where i am now and so I know the city like the back of my hand but never really appreciated it. It's always been somewhere i never saw as particularly beautiful but i think in the last few years it's really come into it's own. I'm now very happy to be back on home turf. 

The job is also going great. Boohoo is by far the best company i've ever worked for and i enjoy every opportunity that is being given to me. Keep your eyes peeled over the next month or so, i have a work surprise :)

But for now,
Here's some of my favourite instagram snaps from the last 12 months @rhiflexx


New birthday piercing

The Beyonce album is constantly on repeat and so i had to buy this sweatshirt

Jewellery organisation in my new room

 Danika and I at MTV's big gig

Jess Glynn highlight at Camp & Furnace

Pops of lime

Tuscany - July 


Homemade Tempura vegetables with sesame soy for dipping

Finally cycled to Strawberry fields
Still working on my nail art

Sunny shameless selfies

Went vegan for 2 months, this was my highlight ; Spinach & chickpea Dhansak


Coffee art at work
 Wrapped up for Winter

Blackpool with my niece 

I worked the Vogue Fashion night our last October. It was MAGICAL

That's all for now xoxo