Sunday, 29 September 2013

When Sofia Met Paris

Oh Sofia Sofia you can do no wrong in my eyes.

Until now.
Haha no i joke, but i was very surprised when she became such bff's with Paris Hilton and then proceeded to shoot her for Elle magazine a few months back.

It would seem that upon filming the Bling Ring Coppola spent a lot of time with Hilton, ensuring the films stayed as true to life as possible. Filming took place in Hilton's own home and she was consulted on many scenes throughout. So it would only seem natural that post production, Coppola overcome with creativity and inspiration, then wanted to shoot Paris in her natural habitat.
What she has produced are these wonderful images that are so typically Sofia that you cannot help but forget the subject's colourful past. I am not really bothered for Paris Hilton and aside from the simple life (genius) i honestly don't know what she adds to celebrity culture, yet in these photographs she becomes a serene beautiful creature bathed in the signature Coppola stylings and settings. The results are more than lovely.

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