Tuesday, 27 August 2013

QCumber Clothing - Their shit is bananas

So quite a while back the LOVELY people at qcumber clothing contacted me as they'd enjoyed my fruity inspired nasty gal x lazy oaf post and wanted to send me one of their cute tees as a gift and to show me they were all about the fruits too!

I'd never really heard about them before but after a browse on the site i was pretty impressed. Sometimes dressing up can get a bit tiresome and a good t-shirt or sweat is always a staple to have at hand when your brain just won't function at 7am getting ready for work. 

They sent me the watermelon tee in lilac and i have pretty much been using it as my casual go to for a few weeks now. So soft!

Here's what they have to say about the brand;

QCumber is a new brand that cements fruit and vegetables onto the fashion map.
“We believe that fruit and vegetables are beautifully designed by nature and have been under represented in the world of fashion. We created QCumber after a food fight resulted in a delicious and perfect imprint on a white jumper.
"QCumber jumpers are soft, warm and inedible!” 

And here's some silly posey pictures of me in my new favourite tee. Enjoy!

 Modelling 101 haha

 T-shirt by Qcumber clothing, Jeans by American Apparel and sandals by Topshop

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