Monday, 26 August 2013


You've probably already heard/read maybe even see all about Henry Holland's new venture but if you haven't you need to be updated. 
Taking the concept of direct fashion literally, House of Holland has already set off on a trip roaming the English country in a good old fashioned ice cream van delivering their new capsule collection Mr. Quiffy. 

The below is taken from,

"House of Holland, the irreverent East London label designed by Henry Holland, has turned a traditional ice cream van into a brightly detailed “roving flagship” that’s set to pop up in various locations “up and down the country,” selling an exclusive capsule collection of accessories, jewellery, headwear and eyewear in the brand’s signature polka dots, candy stripes and acid brights.
Starting Friday, the van (dubbed “Mr Quiffy’s”) will appear in London’s Covent Garden, Carnaby Street, Seven Dials and Spitalfields areas, then travel to Manchester, before returning to the capital for London Fashion Week in mid-September. The label is also examining the possibility of taking the van to Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and the seaside town of Brighton.
The initiative is a colourful spin on the stylised “mobile boutiques” or “fashion trucks” which have become popular in the US in recent years (inspired by the runaway success of food trucks selling everything from tacos to Thai noodles) and proven to be an effective way of getting brands and products directly in front of customers.
No doubt, the Mr Quiffy’s van will be an eye-catching mobile billboard for House of Holland, as well as a fun and engaging brand experience. It’s also designed to drive traffic to the company’s new web presence, which launches Thursday.
“The idea of the van was loads of different ideas coming together really,” Henry Holland told BoF. “The truck is branded with House of Holland and the website all the way through. Plus, we wanted to do something that fit with the ethos of the brand and was fun and playful,” he continued. “I’d also been wanting to do a high summer collection for our new e-commerce site, which launches the first of August and coincides with the launch of the van. So there’s this whole collection [that ties into] the ice cream van concept, which will be available on the website the same day. So it’s a double traffic driver.”
When i first saw the idea for this, i was so impressed. It's so on point for House of Holland who have that little but of fun factor to their brand, and it's bringing something new that hasn't been done on a commercial scale.
Look out for Mr.Quiffy coming to a town near you!

Oh i bought the necklace already say whaaaaaat.

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