Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spring is nearly here!

I don't know about you but i'm so bored of this cold weather. All i wanna do is start having BBQ's with my friends, sit in a few beer gardens with a glass of wine and get my pasty white legs some sun exposure! PLEASE BRITAIN NO MORE SNOW!
It was whilst i was moping about our non-existant sun that i decided to browse for Spring house decs to cheer myself up a bit. I've been buying flowers to put in little vases around the flat (see top pic) but nothing says spring like some pastel. 
I ended up on as from past experience they do some cute little homey bits and found a HUGE VARIETY OF BUNTING!!

Nothing says Spring like bunting and i found myself falling in love with the cut out paper version. Very Rob Ryan. 
For all other easter decorations and cute nick nacks, scoot along over to and bring a little bit of sun into your home then have a HUGE PARTY to show off all your cute new homey stuff and wait for the summer nights to kick in. IDEAL.

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