Monday, 8 April 2013

Shoesies + Spring

Normally when i'm wiling away the time catching up on TV i've missed in the week on 4od, iplayer etc I always HATE those adverts that come on in the middle. However this one was a bit different. I found myself tip tapping along like a fool and generally feeling really summery and happy all of a sudden. WEIRD 
 I waited until the end of the ad to see who was responsible for perking me up so, and was a little shocked if i'm honest to see it was by Clark's. You know Clark's? They make those orthopaedic granny shoes which your nan probably has about 60 of and sell the slightly cooler Original Desert boots in 50 shades of..... camel.
I've always seen Clark's as a british institution which is brilliant and full of history but i've never ever seen them as fashionable in any form. They're like anti-fashion, they're the makers of comfortable, practical shoes. Which is why this promo video for SS13 men's and womens shoes is such a refreshing thing to see. Judge for yourself. Maybe this sees a STEP in a new direction for the brand. Hope so.

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