Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My month in pictures.

 New album featuring me and Hattie,   Trips back home to Knutsford

Went to a DIY gig at the Fuhrer Bunker in Salford, where the band performed in a wooden cage. Unbelievable atmosphere. 

Decided to actually do something with my hair for work one day

 My Great uncle and his "Women" (Top Guy) ,  Rings i got in Secret Santa at work

Breakfast at Mrs Athas in Leeds

I made my own Sushi. No rolling mat needed.

All my friends know me so well i got this book 3 times for Christmas. 

My favourite person in the world decided to help me take photographs that day. (They'll be on the blog at some point).

 New sequin jacket and jazzy NYE nails. 

Birds in flight,           Diet begins so grapefruit for breakfast

90's hip hop nails. Shit shaky heart. 

#selfie pre-arm surgery

Merchandising trends at work

Joy Division nails and my Gran's amazing collection of China

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