Sunday, 3 November 2013

Blue is the warmest colour.

The two french babes from the above film have been shot for MIU MIU's resort 2014 campaign and the results are scrummy.

So much of the film has attracted controversy, mainly revolving around the star; Adele Exarchopoulos and the director Abdellatif Kechiche. Much like Lars Von Trier, Kechiche is said to push his actors to the ultimate limit to pull out their most awe-inspiring performances whilst on the verge of breakdown.  And much like Von Trier, it works. The film won the prestigious Palme d'Or for best film at Cannes film festival this year and has made superstars out of Adele and her other leading lady Lea Seydoux.
It's little surprise that these two beautiful young actresses have already been snapped up for fashion campaigns and i'm glad Miu Miu were the ones to do it. 

Photo's by Inez and Vinoodh

Looking forward to seeing more. 

Ooooooh new fave

So i heard this song in Topshop the other day whilst out shopping with pals and i couldn't get it out of my head. 
Later that afternoon i googled to find out who the owner of such a beauty was and came across the name Vance Joy.
I've never heard of this guy before so did some googling and youtubing to find out some more info and where he'd suddenly come from. 

I came across this video, which was indeed the song in question that i had heard in store earlier that day. The video is incredible. There isn't much more to say. Watch it and see.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Life in Miniature : William Kass

Using everyday objects and food as props in his pictures, photographer William Kass builds and recreates scenes from films and incorporates miniature figure people resulting in the loveliest works of art i've seen in a long time. 


 ice cream cones

 a coconut

 a shower head

See lots more amazingness here

Sunday, 29 September 2013

When Sofia Met Paris

Oh Sofia Sofia you can do no wrong in my eyes.

Until now.
Haha no i joke, but i was very surprised when she became such bff's with Paris Hilton and then proceeded to shoot her for Elle magazine a few months back.

It would seem that upon filming the Bling Ring Coppola spent a lot of time with Hilton, ensuring the films stayed as true to life as possible. Filming took place in Hilton's own home and she was consulted on many scenes throughout. So it would only seem natural that post production, Coppola overcome with creativity and inspiration, then wanted to shoot Paris in her natural habitat.
What she has produced are these wonderful images that are so typically Sofia that you cannot help but forget the subject's colourful past. I am not really bothered for Paris Hilton and aside from the simple life (genius) i honestly don't know what she adds to celebrity culture, yet in these photographs she becomes a serene beautiful creature bathed in the signature Coppola stylings and settings. The results are more than lovely.

The Ultimate Silver Fox : Nick Wooster

Well dressed and the creme de la creme of older successful men making their serious mark in fashion, Nick Wooster is the catch of many a street style snapper in his neighbourhood of NYC.
 Boys, take note.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dan Croll - Local lad doing darn well

You know when you meet people and they say they're in a band and you're like oh yeah cool mint, thinking it's probably just another garage band playing the local hotspots. Well Dan Croll is definitely not that. He's got a good thing going and i'm sure he probably knows it so i'm not going to big him up tooooo much cos it's kinda cringe.

But seriously well done Dan, this song/video is ace and i just had to put in on here because i can't bloody stop singing it!!! 

You should definitely try and catch them on their tour soon, you'd be silly not to. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

QCumber Clothing - Their shit is bananas

So quite a while back the LOVELY people at qcumber clothing contacted me as they'd enjoyed my fruity inspired nasty gal x lazy oaf post and wanted to send me one of their cute tees as a gift and to show me they were all about the fruits too!

I'd never really heard about them before but after a browse on the site i was pretty impressed. Sometimes dressing up can get a bit tiresome and a good t-shirt or sweat is always a staple to have at hand when your brain just won't function at 7am getting ready for work. 

They sent me the watermelon tee in lilac and i have pretty much been using it as my casual go to for a few weeks now. So soft!

Here's what they have to say about the brand;

QCumber is a new brand that cements fruit and vegetables onto the fashion map.
“We believe that fruit and vegetables are beautifully designed by nature and have been under represented in the world of fashion. We created QCumber after a food fight resulted in a delicious and perfect imprint on a white jumper.
"QCumber jumpers are soft, warm and inedible!” 

And here's some silly posey pictures of me in my new favourite tee. Enjoy!

 Modelling 101 haha

 T-shirt by Qcumber clothing, Jeans by American Apparel and sandals by Topshop

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Last few months in pictures

 Novelty sunglasses in Barcelona

 Solange at Primavera

 Our lovely courtyard at fashion house


 The gothic quarter - BCN

 Liverpool isn't so bad sometimes

 Eye-catching piece at the Tate

 New necklace and library day

 Job interview outfit 2

 Got the job outfit splurge :)

 Pampering day 

 1st day cocktails, i'm that girl

 Jd loves to print clash

my instagram polaroids came :)

 Outfit at the blade factory

 ice cream on the prom

 henna on sunny days

 Sunday roast at the arts club

Alive in the face of death - The most moving exhibition i have ever been to

 Visits from best friends

 Finding butterflies

Treats delivered

Playing with nail art, please let me know if anyone would like to see a tutorial on here

Payday splurges

Dan Croll at Camp & Furnace

 Home comforts

 Trippy days


From left; 1. top boohoo, necklace topshop, shorts vintage, sandals topshop.
2. top topshop, dungarees vintage, sandals as before, rucksack vintage
3. top as before, jeans boohoo, loafers topshop, rucksack primark
4. kimono love at topshop, top as before, jeans H&M, loafers as before, rucksack topshop
5. top and short co-ord topshop
6. coat barbour, top vintage, jeans as before, shoes Dr.martins
7. shirt lazy oaf, jeans american apparel, loafers as before