Saturday, 13 October 2012

Beyond Mountains, More Mountains.

This short confuses me a lot, but yet somehow when it was finished, i found that I loved every minute.
Beautifully shot and presented. Summed up the themes youth, freedom, fun, Italy very well. 

'Beyond Mountains, More Mountains' is CANADA's first short film; an epic Italian road-trip, shot over two weeks, traveling from the mountains of Northern Italy, down to the Sicilian Island of Stromboli in the far south of the country.
A Partizan Darkroom / VICE / CANADA Production for 55DSL
Written, Directed & Edited by CANADA
Starring: Viktorija Pacenko & Simone Riccioni
Director of Photography: Marc Gomez del Moral
Hair & Make Up: Gina Best
Photographer: Jonnie Craig
Music Supervision: Platinum Rye Entertainment


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