Sunday, 16 September 2012

Kyle Hopkins for Showstudio

Did anybody else watch it?

I'd never even heard of Kyle before but after a quick google i can honestly say his jewellery is beautiful. Weird at times but still so well crafted.  He did a live showstudio stream over the course of a few days covering the theme of death by casting his own face to create a death mask. Half front facing face cast and half skull, Kyle embedded 20+ miniature signature tiny figures all over and inscribed it with the phrase 'Sic transit gloria Mundi' which translates to 'Thus passes the glory of the world'. DEEP.
I think i enjoyed this particular project so much possibly because Kyle and his team were so down to earth. Whilst they worked, they had general chit chat, answered live Q & A's from viewers and giggled about random songs that would come on from their ipod shuffle.
The work itself was very interesting to watch, and great to see how it can come together in such a short space of time. Here are some screen shots i managed to pull towards the end and of the final presentation.

Catch Kyle Hopkins over the next few days exhibiting some of his TO DIE FOR pieces (i've seen them, they're all genius) at Somerset house for London Fashion week 2012.

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