Monday, 20 August 2012

Wrist Candy - LAYER UP

So the lovely ladies over at DOTCOMGIFTSHOP mentioned me in their "Blogs we love post" on their shop blog and I came over all emotional. Such thoughtful words were said. In truth i had never actually been on the website before so i wasn't sure what kind of treasures they sold, but a quick browse made me realise that i have been missing a gem! There's all kinds of bunting, vintage inspired kitchen treats (scratch that, all kinds of chintzy homeware loveliness), cycling accessories, craft kits, and all kinds of other delights.
Some of my favourite things were these bright tutti frutti bracelets which are the perfect jingly arm candy to layer up. 

Tutti frutti jingly friendhsip bracelets from DOTCOMGIFTSHOP, Leather bracelets from TOPSHOP,

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