Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Petra Collins does polaroids

"Petra Collins, the nineteen-year-old Toronto-based photographer, takes beautiful snapshots of girlhood. Her work has appeared in magazines like OysterGarageVice, and, of course, Rookie Mag. Her photos of teenage girls, whether they're of a group of witches or a couple of riot grrrl skateboarders, have helped define Rookie's aesthetic month after month. She also runs The Ardorous, an all-female art collective that features photographers, painters, and illustrators from around the world."

I cannot believe i've never seen any of her work before, but expect to see some upcoming posts with more of the lovely Petra Collin's Photo's, but for now here's some saccharine sweet polaroids she took for Urban Outfitters on the set of their latest look book.  

So dreamy..

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