Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shopjeen is a dream

May i introduce, if you haven't already heard of it...... Shopjeen. 
My new favourite online store.

From stunning bikini's like the above, creative bright nail wraps, cute jewellery and the best iphone cases i have ever seen, it has me down to a T. I literally want everything... But for now i think i'm just going to focus on the iphone cases as i don't have one and my tiny handheld pal badly needs a little personality.

iPhone cases are quickly becoming accessories all by themselves and are no longer just tech gadgets, but now actually something that you use to add to your ensemble. (For those that are really into that kinda thing). For me it'll just be something to add to my phone to make it look pretty. 

Below i have hand picked some of my favourite from the site.

I think i'm being swayed by the floral stud. (Saving the best for last). Payday where are you?!

I couldn't do a post on shopjeen and not include these teeny delicate Verameat rings. So in love.

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