Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Papa's got a a brand new bag

It's so miserable out at the moment so to cheer myself up i went on a little shopping trip. 

I say little but i found myself having such post shopping guilt that can only affect those that have spent a little bit too much cash. Guess i'll be doing lots of eBaying for the old rags then!

Whilst shopping I saw so much digital print, I was like a moth to a flame! Although my finances couldn't quite afford me to go wild crazy and buy everything in store, i feel like i did a good job of picking out some great pieces. 
The above floral blouse was an absolute steal from Primark of all places. Cannot wait to pair it with my gold western collar tips that are in the post on the way to yours truly. 
As for the digital print floral skirt, I found this in the sale at TOPSHOP!! I remember seeing the dress in the same print a few months ago and thinking it was a dream, so imagine my delight when i found the skirt. Little old me was so excited that my housemates literally couldn't prize me out of it. Not even joking, when i say i think i wore it for 3 days straight. So gross.

Anyway as i'm very very into getting back into blogging i thought i might take a few pictures to share with you all how i wore some of my new things. Including that delightful brown faux (shhh!) leather rucksack, and a charming little peace letter bracelet. 

 Shoes, necklace, bracelet, skirt and knitted top all from TOPSHOP, rucksack Primark

Such an amazing print! 


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