Thursday, 19 July 2012

Having a blouse moment.

I'm currently on a one woman mission with shirts and blouses and my wardrobe is groaning. It's getting to the stage now where i'm buying at least one a week. 
You can get plain, sheer, cutesy repeat prints, digital prints, studded collar, pearl collar, tie dye, dip dye and more.
It's safe to say the blouse/shirt is definitely having a moment in my life.
PLUS you can use necklaces like the above worn under the collar and peeking out at the neckline. OR my favourite accessories at the moment, you could also add some tips to the end of your shirts. 
So appropriate when the weather is as miserable it is. 


Top picture: Clockwise from left, cross choker TOPSHOP, stars and stripes shirt Nasty gal, collar tips with chain Urban outfitters, digi print shirt TOPSHOP, multi cross and skull necklace TOPSHOP, aztec print blouse Nasty Gal, Western wing tips from eBay, Dip dye ombre blouse from TOPSHOP.

Bottom pic: My lovely blouse from Misguided.

Oh Lianne Lianne

This girl is so good. Her blouse collection alone is enough to make me want to worship at her feet. But seriously, Lianne Le Havas is a London born singer-songwriter with a very folk soul sound that is so pleasing to the ears. She's already supported Bon Iver on his American December 2011 tour and also features Willy Mason on her debut EP. Her latest single Is your love big enough is toe-tappingly good. (Did i just say that?) GO LISTEN TO IT.


Shopjeen is a dream

May i introduce, if you haven't already heard of it...... Shopjeen. 
My new favourite online store.

From stunning bikini's like the above, creative bright nail wraps, cute jewellery and the best iphone cases i have ever seen, it has me down to a T. I literally want everything... But for now i think i'm just going to focus on the iphone cases as i don't have one and my tiny handheld pal badly needs a little personality.

iPhone cases are quickly becoming accessories all by themselves and are no longer just tech gadgets, but now actually something that you use to add to your ensemble. (For those that are really into that kinda thing). For me it'll just be something to add to my phone to make it look pretty. 

Below i have hand picked some of my favourite from the site.

I think i'm being swayed by the floral stud. (Saving the best for last). Payday where are you?!

I couldn't do a post on shopjeen and not include these teeny delicate Verameat rings. So in love.

To build a home

I've just moved into my brand spanking new flat and the little bird in me cannot wait to make it my little nest. But how do you make a house a home??
Add a few throw cushions? Splash out on a trendy rug? Hang up some framed holiday snaps? 

Well you could do all of the above but if you live in the USA you can also start by putting on 'To build a home' by Cinematic orchestra then setting your feet up and heading on over to Urban to shop their fresh new home range! HURRAH! (Sadly i don't think it's available in the UK yet but i'm sure it'll only be a matter of time)

Their catalogue is just so pretty, i had to share.

Beautiful right? 

Well wait till you see these two little promo video's.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Fashion Fetish - the dress

Oh Chloe <3

Directed by founder and editor-in-chief of Garage magazine, Dasha Zhukova, and starring actress/full time babe Chloƫ Sevigny and fashion writer Derek Blasberg, this film forms part of the Fashion Fetish film season on - a series of fashion films, performances, multi-media pieces and accompanying essays by women in fashion, that comment on the contentious and provocative fusion of fashion with fetish.
I like.

My week(end) in pictures


Carnival, Brasilica 2012, Sun, snow cones, knitting, art, Bold street, witchcraft, jambalaya, Crosby beach, Antony Gormley, sand art, bike rides, Missing Leeds.

Sunday nail art - 80's Aztec

I love love love (three times = a whole lotta love) the aztec nail vibe at the moment.
If you've been reading my last few posts you'll see that i've been having weekly nail art sessions and this week i attempted my hardest nail art yet. It took 2 long very steady handed hours but I am so pleased with the results. SEE ABOVE.

This is what you need
If you haven’t got the exact colours, any 3 contrasting colours will do for the bases! Just as long as you have the black & white nail art pens, these give you all the top detail. If you don’t have these, you could try using a cocktail stick.

      Paint the bases like this… make sure they’re really dry before before the next step.

       Add the stripes over the base. Vertical & horizontal lines.

      Add the white lines

       Draw a triangle on your thumb nail – let this all dry fully before the next step.

     Now you can go mad with zig zags, dots & lines. Fill in the empty spaces.

     Wait til it’s all completely dry, use 2 coats of clear top coat & you’re good to go!

Inspiration by Wah! Nails. Thanks WAH!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

When i grow up I want to be....... A DINOSAUR

That's Halloween sorted. Thanks Urban Outfitters!

Fashion Week Flashbacks - TATA NAKA

Picking through some of my old folders on my computer, i rediscovered all my saved pictures from London Fashion Week AW12/13. Cannot believe i misplaced some of these little gems!

By far my favourite from February was Georgian designer twins TATA NAKA.
From the below photo's you can probably see why. 

Note the transparent panels at midesctions of the maxi's. So good 

<3 this jumpsuit

I think it's the mixture of simplicity, lengths,silhouettes and fabrics that I am completely head over heels in love with. Inspired by Motown and the African photographer's Malik Sidibe & Seydou Keita, it uses the girls own illustrations as prints on some of the more arty inspired pieces. LOVE. 

PS. Take a sneek peak at their website. It's another little gem. 

Behind the scenes baby. <3