Thursday, 7 June 2012

Back in the game.


 It's been a very long while, in fact my lovely streamlined new dashboard on blogger tells me my last post was the 11th Feb. That can't be right?! Jeez! Ok well basically I started a new job in a new city and moved to Liverpool on the 20th Feb to work for Rare London at their head office as head of returns. Having only been to Liverpool once or twice before in my life, moving here has become a completely new experience for me. I'm finding my feet and slowly but surely i'm getting used to the idea of a life outside of Leeds. Liverpool is a great city and i'm still finding my bearings, trying to see where i should go out, which bars are the most fun and where to find the best thrifts of course! So far i've mostly been travelling in and around Bold street, heard of it? There are 3 brilliant waterholes in the vicinity of which i have found and want to tell the world about. I'm going to start by writing them down here...

 1. Bier 

   I'm told be reliable Liverpudlian sources that this used to be a very grotty working mans pub so it's astonishing to see the way it is now. It is clean, homely, yet has a touch of retro (Love the white tiled walls). It boasts over 50 beers, 50! I tried Jeremiah Weed last time I went and was delighted to see it was served to me in a little jam jar type pot with a handle. It's the little touches like these that ensure I will be visiting Bier again very soon. 

2. Tabac

I came here with my friend who was leaving for Australia and we had lovely home-cooked tapas. It has a very 70's feel and there is a lot of psychedelic shapes floating around the walls but the best part about this cute little cafe/ bar is that it actually houses an old projection room and puts on screenings every monday. Perfect for your weekly film fix. Belissimo!

3. Leaf

Saving the best for last, Award winning Leaf on Bold street is an authentic tea bar that houses 34 loose leaf tea's ! Serving incredible locally sourced produce and various other drinks of the alcoholic variety Leaf is all sorts of things. It hosts vintage fairs, music events, and club nights on top of everything else.  This is the kinda place where you could go on a weeknight, settle down with a cuppa and just pretend like you're in your own home. 

If you're ever in the area and feel like bobbing along to one of these three, I would more than happily join, so don't be a stranger! 


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