Sunday, 24 June 2012

LF you are aces

Stumbling across the web as you do and i came across this video and the new look books for LF stores.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Now normally when someone says the trend 'festival' I cringe. However LF manage to incorporate all of my current favourite trends into a collection that i really am dying to get my hands on. They have tie dye, dip dye, good denim, crochet, studs, Americana, and a sweet retro feel. The only thing they are lacking in my eyes is an online store! Why oh why LF? What about your loving International customers? I shall just have to keep my eyes peeled on ebay. Or maybe get DIY inspiration?                   

The other Deyn

Aggy's little sister is a babe. This is her portfolio for Select models.

Reasons to like Nxy Deyn

1. She's ginger

2. She's got good genes

3. She's from Manchester

4. She is a breath of fresh air (model wise)

5. She designs using lots and lots of studs.

80's Paint Splat BRIGHTS - Sunday nail art



I love love doing my weekend nail art these days. I've been following WAH NAILS on Instagram and because they're constantly posting pics of their daily nail art i've got new ideas flying around in my head all the time. Training myself to be ambidextrous so that my right hand will always look as good as my left. Practice makes perfect and all that.
The above was done with 2 coats of yellow, and then sponging on the pink, turquoise and orange. Very simple really. 

If anyone wants to find me on instagram i'm : rhiflexx same as my twitter :)

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Getting Iggy with it

Oh my gosh, the clothes. Not the biggest fan of her music but Iggy Azalea has my vote when it comes to what she wears. GIRL PUTS IT DOWN.

Apparently the above video was the first ever interactive shopping video and by clicking on an outfit, you would be taken to a web page where you could purchase that very second. How good is that?! It's just a shame that my budget doesn't quite stretch to Givenchy, Phillim Lim and Preen. Sob!

Superga X House of Holland - Sunshowers in my life.

It launched a few weeks ago and no one is more excited than me that House of Holland have collaborated with Superga to make a range of sneaks that link in with Henry's SS12 collection Pastel punks. The collection features flatforms, lots and lots of polka dots, animal print and some brilliant logo lettering which HOH does so well (GET YOU FREAK ON GILES DEACON).

The launch party was based around a tropical theme and guests were drinking pina colada's out of hollowed out pineapples. Heavenly. Oh did i mention my favourite ladies Alexa Chung and Nicola Roberts were there? 

Personally i know that in 6 days time I will be purchasing these babies.

Look out for a 'Today I'm wearing' post including them shortly! 


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Catchy little song...

Why can't I find any info on this guy??

One of the most beautiful photographs i have seen in a long long time.
Still life by Edward Johns.

Galaxy nails nailed.

A little behind the times with this one but i think the galaxy trend just keeps growing and growing (ha).
Inspired by clothes, pictures, and other bloggers takes on galaxy nails I gave it a crack.
Here's the result!

TA DA! xoxo