Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rain rain go awayyyy.

So it's july and yet i've never seen such a monsoon of rain. Instead of wanting to buy open toed sandals and more maxi skirts i'm now saving my payday shopping fund for chelsea boots and a waterproof. The big problem is, can a waterproof jacket with a hood ever be fashionable?
There is an AMAZING crochet one i want from Topshop (see above) but it has a hefty price tag of £55 and for what it is (plastic covered lace with no lining) I refuse to pay this amount. Although the rainier it gets the more i'm tempted. So i've been scouting around to see what my options are. The good thing is, most shops are all about the 'festival' look so there's a bit of choice. Did i mention that i HATE parka's so will definitely not be getting one of those type ones.

Stripe jacket from American Apparel

Both red jacket and blue jacket below are from ASOS

Decisions decisions...

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