Saturday, 16 July 2011

Michael Pitt looks like Kurt Cobain.

In case you didn't know Michael Pitt is the guy that plays the guy in Boardwalk Empire that is supposed to be the main guy's (Steve Buscemi) protegee called Jimmy. Got it?
He's also been in loads of stuff before this but I don't think a lot of people followed.

ANYWAYZ i was flicking channels the other night and caught the end of a shitty horror he was in and thought, "Oh yeah he's in Boardwalk empire". After 5 mins of watching i kept thinking how much he reminded me of and looked like Kurt Cobain. After a quick search on IMDB, it turns out he played him in GVS's Last days. Shocker.
Long story short i was like wow, i'm going to watch this other film he's been in called "The Dreamers" directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. Amazing film.

The dreamers is about an american boy (Pitt) who becomes friends and moves in with a freaky French brother and sister duo who have some kind of crazy incestuous relations where they watch each other beat off and bang. Oh and they also sleep naked together and they're major film buffs like Pitt also. Set against the student riots of Paris in 1968, the three of them seclude themselves from reality and have sex a fair bit.
Movie gold.

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