Sunday, 31 July 2011

Today/Tonight i'm wearing....

New vintage pink blazer courtesy of Darwin & Delilah I highly recommend them. They packaged my blazer up with such care, it was lovely and I received a quirky postcard which gave me a chance to get 25% off my next order by joining the mailing list.
I was so excited when it arrived, i decided it needed a night out, so i wore it with a black dress from Rare@Topshop and some black boots which i found from the cheapy chavvy shoe shop in Leeds Market and went to a new night called "HOLLER!" at the Loft.


So, while at work last saturday i was greeted with the horrifying (but not that unexpected) news that Amy Winehouse had died. Couldn't actually believe it, I kinda thought she'd be around for a bit longer.
I've always liked Amy, both musically and what i've seen of her personality. (Who could forget the WINEMOUSE video and that appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks). I've even loved some of the pieces that she designed for the Fred Perry capsule collection so it is, such a shame that she's gone too soon. A huge talent like hers will stick around forever though, whether she's here or not, she will always be remembered. RIP Amy xx

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Vice are having a party

To celebrate the new annual photo issue Vice are holding a party at Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds a week today (Wed 27th). It's going to be a lot of fun. It's free in as well so no excuses.
One of the bands the ABC club are brilliant and i've seen them a few times before, once at Live at Leeds last year and then also at SOYO in Sheffield around Christmas time.

See you there then?

Rain rain go awayyyy.

So it's july and yet i've never seen such a monsoon of rain. Instead of wanting to buy open toed sandals and more maxi skirts i'm now saving my payday shopping fund for chelsea boots and a waterproof. The big problem is, can a waterproof jacket with a hood ever be fashionable?
There is an AMAZING crochet one i want from Topshop (see above) but it has a hefty price tag of £55 and for what it is (plastic covered lace with no lining) I refuse to pay this amount. Although the rainier it gets the more i'm tempted. So i've been scouting around to see what my options are. The good thing is, most shops are all about the 'festival' look so there's a bit of choice. Did i mention that i HATE parka's so will definitely not be getting one of those type ones.

Stripe jacket from American Apparel

Both red jacket and blue jacket below are from ASOS

Decisions decisions...

Penate fever

I actually can't believe this song was 2007, feels like a few months ago.
This video makes me smile. The puppet's crazy dance moves are brilliant and probably look something like how i used to dance when this song would come on in a club.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Exquisite Corpse

Remember my friend Katie who's exhibition i went to back in january? Well she's been asked by the people across the pond at Exquisite Corpse festival to commission a piece of hybrid taxidermy for the september opening in New York. Well done Katie.

Head over to to see some pretty gruesome pictures of dead squirrels and things and her ideas coming to life.

She also illustrates great pictures like this one.

Greetings from Beacons

So a very lovely boy I know is sorting me out with tickets to Beacons festival and i am super excited. Line up favourites for me include Tom Vek, Jamie XX, Frankie & the Heartstrings, D/R/U/G/S, Dutch uncles, Belle & Sebastien DJ set and my friend's band Blood Oranges.

My other friend Joel made the promo video below. It is fun.

Find out more info at (copy and paste this in your address bar, i was too lazy for hyperlink)

Today i'm wearing.... The key to being sale thrifty.

Today i'm wearing.... Navy cardigan from H&M (mens), black bralette, tan skirt and crucifix necklace all from Topshop.
All items aside from the cardigan were bought collectively for under £20 in the TS sale and i was so excited i wore them all out that very night to have some wine at nation of shopkeepers.

A few days later i then went and bought both pairs of these lovely shoes in the sale at Office.

Metallic shoes £15

Hawaiian print loafers £10

I also found and bought these school girl type sandals after looking over my mum's shoulder who was shopping the NEXT sale at 8am. A steal at £20. My first ever purchase from NEXT, hope they're as nice in real life!
Moral of the story: You can find good things in the sale.. & NEXT sell semi-decent shoes.

Michael Pitt looks like Kurt Cobain.

In case you didn't know Michael Pitt is the guy that plays the guy in Boardwalk Empire that is supposed to be the main guy's (Steve Buscemi) protegee called Jimmy. Got it?
He's also been in loads of stuff before this but I don't think a lot of people followed.

ANYWAYZ i was flicking channels the other night and caught the end of a shitty horror he was in and thought, "Oh yeah he's in Boardwalk empire". After 5 mins of watching i kept thinking how much he reminded me of and looked like Kurt Cobain. After a quick search on IMDB, it turns out he played him in GVS's Last days. Shocker.
Long story short i was like wow, i'm going to watch this other film he's been in called "The Dreamers" directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. Amazing film.

The dreamers is about an american boy (Pitt) who becomes friends and moves in with a freaky French brother and sister duo who have some kind of crazy incestuous relations where they watch each other beat off and bang. Oh and they also sleep naked together and they're major film buffs like Pitt also. Set against the student riots of Paris in 1968, the three of them seclude themselves from reality and have sex a fair bit.
Movie gold.