Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

So Thank you to the lovely Joy at Alex Drake Vintage for awarding me with the prestigious Stylish blogger award :)
I've not really been putting my all into my blog recently and I feel really bad about it. I really enjoy doing it i can just never find the time anymore since moving back to Leeds and starting my new job. I'm making a promise to myself that every day off i have to post at least once. I need to get back in touch with fashion, feel like i know nothing about what's going on currently!
ANYWAY, thanks to Joy, I feel included in this lovely little fashion bloggers circle.
Part of receiving the award means having to share 7 facts about yourself, so here goes...

1. I have a strange looking birthmark on my back called a strawberry mark. When wearing backless tops people always thinks its a bruise or graze, and i have to explain. My dad used to say it's called a strawberry mark because in the summer when strawberries are in season it appears redder. (and I genuinely think it does!) It's a nice story and i like to believe it still. A little permanent strawberry on my back, ahh.

2. I'm not a natural ginger! Although people are always shocked when i tell them this. I just have a natural auburn hue as a result of dyeing.

3. My dad was a big Fleetwood Mac fan and as a result I was named after the song 'Rhiannon'. The song tells of a Welsh goddess with magical powers. I never really listened to the song until about 3 years ago, and once I did I really appreciated how good of a band Fleetwood Mac are. Stevie Nicks is one of my idols.

4. One of my favourite colours is black. I know it's dark and grungy and has the whole gothic vibe, but i really think black is brilliant. It doesn't have to be gothic at all, unless you're head to toe in it and have black lace and net (that's probs taking the goth vibe to another level). I will probably wear one item of clothing that is black everyday. AND I PROMISE I NEVER LOOK GOTHY. I hope.

5. One day I want to own a Chanel 2.55 bag. Chanel is my number 1 when it comes to fashion, and in a dream world i'd love to have everything Chanel, and be one of those classy older ladies with a tweed twinset and pearls. But alas, I will never be crazy rich and so for now I'd just like a bag. And maybe some pumps. ha.

6. My favourite drink is water. I'm not even joking. Everyday i always have my RDA, and it's out of choice. I've been the same since i was younger, and i genuinely think there is nothing more refreshing than a chilled glass of iced water.

7. I wish i read more books. Recently someone inspired me to get back into it and although they're now long gone, I really have taken the opportunity to take some time out of my day and sit down and read. I'm trying to make sundays my day when for a few hours, I don't go on my mac/phone/internet or watch any TV. I don't watch a lot of telly anyway but my computer is one my dearest possessions. (Pretty lame i know) and I'm probably on it for about 5 hours a day. ANYWAY, these few hours recently on sundays have been spent going for a bike ride or reading or cooking. Getting away from the world for a short time anyway. I think a lot of people rely too much on the internet and tv and I don't want to become one of them.

So there we go, 7 facts. Now you know a bit more about me. So, i guess the next step is passing this on to 7 other bloggers. hmmmm.


  1. I've received this back in April, but thanks for the award :). I relate to many of your 7 facts, I love a chilled glass of water when I'm thirsty, and I should really get away from my computer more too... it's awful. You've inspired me to set aside a few hours on Sundays to read or run or something, that'll be good!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. You're welcome. Good to know your kidneys are safe :) Sorry, I'm talking like a medic now. I did think of the song when I first met you online. You have a cool Dad. Hope you're not working too hard :)

    Joy xx