Monday, 25 April 2011

A right good Easter weekend

When i think of Easter and spring in general, I think of pale yellow chicks, candy coloured eggs and all things floral and pretty. Pretty much anything and everything to do with Easter are pastel coloured. Lovely duckegg blue, baby blue, pale pink, lavender, mint green. DREAMY.
Yes it can be said, that I love pastels and thus thinking of them has got me thinking to Queen of the dreamy pastels Sofia Coppola, and in particular Marie Antoinette.
One of my top 10 favourite films, I felt the need to give this another watch (probably my 57th) and sit and take in all the lovely imagery. Ahhh.

Did i Mention there's a really good soundtrack too??


  1. oh this movie is great!i love Sofia Coppola!!!i believe the shoes for the film where made by the one and only Manolo Blanhik.It really is the kingdom of pastels :)

  2. I love this film, I've seen it so many times! And the soundtrack is amazing!