Monday, 25 April 2011

Payday where are you??

It feels like this month has been the longest ever but in 3 days I will have my first pay check since Feb. I'm so so excited.
I've been pretty geeky and making lists in my notebook about "what i'm going to buy on pay day".
It will only be two and a half weeks pay so I have to be quite thrifty and so have only allowed myself to spend £150 on new things.

Item 1) Maxi skirt from Topshop

Item 2) Cross knuckleduster, Topshop
Item 3) Turquoise stone ring, Topshop

Item 4) Castle ring, Topshop

Item 5) Beaded cross necklace, Topshop

Item 6) Bracelet from Topshop

Item 7) HUGE wedges from eBay

Item 8) lovely new leather jacket from eBay

Item 9) Bright pink clutch, eBay

Item 10 ) Navy lace top, Topshop

Item 11) and the piece de resistance, this amazing rucksack from Topshop

I shall also be visiting Leeds vintage shops and charity shops in search of some little unusual gems without the Topshop price tag.
I promise I'll do a "Today i'm wearing" post come Thurs.


  1. Hi hunni! Amazing blog love the first skirt! xx

    (Thanks for your comment! Let me knwo if you want to enter my give away!

  2. Lace top and turquoise ring FTW!!! :D

  3. That castle ring is pretttty bonkers, and I love the pink skirt! I'm going to London soon, so excited for Topshop :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  4. It's so hard working amongst so many pretty things!
    i'll try and do a post with me wearing some of them, but I get quite shyyy.