Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New life take 2

So, lack of posts recently sorry!
It was all a bit of a mad rush as I found out sunday that i've been offered a job back in my old city of LEEDS. It's concession manager at Topshop on Briggate (the big Topshop)
I am very excited as it's the most responsibility, most hours and most amount of money i've ever had. But it meant that I had to throw as much as i could into a case and get onto the next train t'up norf!

I am now staying at my friend Bec's house for this week but hopefully moving into my own place by the weekend. This means all week (when i'm not working), every waking second is spent viewing houses. It's got me thinking about decorating my room again. I'm thinking an eclectic mix of vintage / Cath Kidston/ Laura Ashley. I'm also loving the Ella doran collection for Habitat so once payday comes i may be furnishing. Unfortunately a lot of my furniture and pictures and things are still in Wales so for now it's going to be a bit bare. Heading down to the charity shops this afternoon for coat hangers and a tea strainer and maybe some 50p homely gems.


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