Friday, 22 April 2011

Meet the Kooples

Meet the Kooples, a French brand that's now got stores in London, Manchester & Birmingham.

"It is a young label in more ways than one. A massive hit across the Channel with snake-hipped rock 'n' roll types, and their groovy girl/boyfriends/civil partners/whatever, it has been going all of two years. Not that you'd necessarily know it, going by its confident swagger and the sheer number of branches and concessions in Paris and other French cities these days." (Davies, G.W 2010)

What I love about this brand is the marketing campaign. (I always love a non typical campaign) The ad's feature real life super cool super stylish and super attractive couples giving you their relationship history. Normally i don't really care about how people met and couples cooing at each other makes me want to vomit. But I'm fascinated and intrigued to find out how the two beautiful creatures actually bumped worlds. Weird.
The video's are available on the website and are probably worth 5 mins of your time if you don't have a soppiness and shmultz gag reflex. Give it a crack.

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