Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Twin Peaks

I've been watching David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' over the past few days and I absolutely love it. Takes you right back to the glorious beginnings of the 90's. Pretty much my favourite decade.
If you haven't seen it, you should.

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Monday, 25 April 2011

Payday where are you??

It feels like this month has been the longest ever but in 3 days I will have my first pay check since Feb. I'm so so excited.
I've been pretty geeky and making lists in my notebook about "what i'm going to buy on pay day".
It will only be two and a half weeks pay so I have to be quite thrifty and so have only allowed myself to spend £150 on new things.

Item 1) Maxi skirt from Topshop

Item 2) Cross knuckleduster, Topshop
Item 3) Turquoise stone ring, Topshop

Item 4) Castle ring, Topshop

Item 5) Beaded cross necklace, Topshop

Item 6) Bracelet from Topshop

Item 7) HUGE wedges from eBay

Item 8) lovely new leather jacket from eBay

Item 9) Bright pink clutch, eBay

Item 10 ) Navy lace top, Topshop

Item 11) and the piece de resistance, this amazing rucksack from Topshop

I shall also be visiting Leeds vintage shops and charity shops in search of some little unusual gems without the Topshop price tag.
I promise I'll do a "Today i'm wearing" post come Thurs.

A right good Easter weekend

When i think of Easter and spring in general, I think of pale yellow chicks, candy coloured eggs and all things floral and pretty. Pretty much anything and everything to do with Easter are pastel coloured. Lovely duckegg blue, baby blue, pale pink, lavender, mint green. DREAMY.
Yes it can be said, that I love pastels and thus thinking of them has got me thinking to Queen of the dreamy pastels Sofia Coppola, and in particular Marie Antoinette.
One of my top 10 favourite films, I felt the need to give this another watch (probably my 57th) and sit and take in all the lovely imagery. Ahhh.

Did i Mention there's a really good soundtrack too??

Friday, 22 April 2011

Meet the Kooples

Meet the Kooples, a French brand that's now got stores in London, Manchester & Birmingham.

"It is a young label in more ways than one. A massive hit across the Channel with snake-hipped rock 'n' roll types, and their groovy girl/boyfriends/civil partners/whatever, it has been going all of two years. Not that you'd necessarily know it, going by its confident swagger and the sheer number of branches and concessions in Paris and other French cities these days." (Davies, G.W 2010)

What I love about this brand is the marketing campaign. (I always love a non typical campaign) The ad's feature real life super cool super stylish and super attractive couples giving you their relationship history. Normally i don't really care about how people met and couples cooing at each other makes me want to vomit. But I'm fascinated and intrigued to find out how the two beautiful creatures actually bumped worlds. Weird.
The video's are available on the website and are probably worth 5 mins of your time if you don't have a soppiness and shmultz gag reflex. Give it a crack.

Bollywood meets D.I.S.C.O

The arrival of sunshine means i've been banging out this song a lot.

Rhea Thierstein

Rhea Thierstein is a beautiful set director, costumer/prop maker, and often collaborates with Tim Walker. This makes me very happy as the team are a winning combination and I <3 Tim Walker so now I think i'm loving her too. Here's the latest shoot from British Vogue from the pairing. It's divine.