Monday, 14 March 2011

Kate Prior - Leeds based illustrator

When I was younger I used to head into Manchester with my friends and generally just hang about for the day. I'd find myself bringing back leaflets and flyers from shops i'd been into. Most of these flyers were well designed and illustrated, flyers that were actually nice to look at and so I would stick them up in my bedroom at home. I had so many my entire wall was covered, and so my appreciation for design and illustration began.
Fast forward 10 years (maybe a little less) and i'm at uni in Leeds, and my flyer collecting days had more or less stopped. I found myself noticing these drawings that began appearing on Nation of shopkeepers promo materials. It's safe to say i collected a fair few of these flyers before I moved back home and it's only recently that I discovered that the artist was actually in my year at Leeds college of art.

Her name is Kate Prior and she studied Visual communication. She is very very good at what she does and it's great to know that there are some people that went to my uni that are already pursuing exciting things and staying creative.

Contact Kate on Twitter : @Kate_Prior
or Email :
You can also see more extensive pieces of work at

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