Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Today i'm wearing....Lily Aldridge

So this lady is a hugely successful model, has great simplistic style AND is engaged to Caleb Followill. Yeah he's super hot, but i've heard a bit of a diva. Hope Lily is putting him straight!

Dreamy is my word of the week

5Preview doing your bit for charidee

These shirts are not only cute, but most the money you spend on purchasing will go to the red cross in order to aid Japan. Buy it from

Fashion with a conscience. LIKE.

Superga is super cute

So to celebrate 100 years of being around and the pump of choice, Superga have roped in the amazing Alexa Chung as the "new face of this super styled, super elegant, super cool shoe."

I've never heard of this brand before, maybe because i'm British or something like that. It may be the amazingly cute video, good choice of song, or even Alexa herself, but all of a sudden i have a HUGE desire to get some of these in as many pastel colours as I can for the summer. In my head i'm seeing Sofia Coppola colours in my outfits. Dreamy.

Today I'm wearing 30/03/11

Felt like my outfit today deserved a picture as I switched to silver accessories instead of my usual gold.

Jacket: H&M, skater dress: Topshop, tights: Henry Holland, necklaces: Vivienne Westwood and Topshop, watch : men's Urban Outfitters, Bracelets: Selection from Tiffanys, Debenhams and vintage.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

I'll be yours

Amazing song, amazing video. Perfect sunday listening.

My week in pictures 27.03.11

The best vintage shop in Cardiff - A Vintage Affair

Situated in the Morgan arcade in Cardiff city centre, this gem has so many little trinkets and fabulous finds under one roof, I always spend ages rummaging away the afternoon. Downstairs it sells all kinds of jewellery, bags, hats, crockery, and nit bits all from various different era's. Then upstairs you have the retro mens and ladies fashion. The best part is that it isn't unreasonably priced. So many vintage shops today, and especially little quirky boutiquey ones feel the need to charge extortionate prices. A vintage affair knows it's customer and has priced everything accordingly. Me likey.

I loved it so much, I bought these tights and this delectable ring.
Mary Quant gold seamed tights £7, Ring £4

Ooooh Dreamy

Amazing final photo shoot photo's from season 16 episode 3 of America's next top model. Totally addicted to this show, even though it's terrible. The dream team that made these lovely pictures included Pamela Hanson behind the camera and legendary stylist Lori Goldstein styling. I genuinely think they're some of the best photo's ANTM has ever produced.
I hope Brittani, Jacyln and Hannah are in the final!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Kate Prior - Leeds based illustrator

When I was younger I used to head into Manchester with my friends and generally just hang about for the day. I'd find myself bringing back leaflets and flyers from shops i'd been into. Most of these flyers were well designed and illustrated, flyers that were actually nice to look at and so I would stick them up in my bedroom at home. I had so many my entire wall was covered, and so my appreciation for design and illustration began.
Fast forward 10 years (maybe a little less) and i'm at uni in Leeds, and my flyer collecting days had more or less stopped. I found myself noticing these drawings that began appearing on Nation of shopkeepers promo materials. It's safe to say i collected a fair few of these flyers before I moved back home and it's only recently that I discovered that the artist was actually in my year at Leeds college of art.

Her name is Kate Prior and she studied Visual communication. She is very very good at what she does and it's great to know that there are some people that went to my uni that are already pursuing exciting things and staying creative.

Contact Kate on Twitter : @Kate_Prior
or Email :
You can also see more extensive pieces of work at