Tuesday, 15 February 2011

You don't step into love, you fall, head over heels.

I was supposed to write this yesterday as a little Valentines day special, but I didn't have a spare minute what with all my admirers giving me roses and cards every 2 minutes!
(only joking) I actually had a very productive day of dancing round my room to Beyonce's 'single ladies.'

I am currently very satisfied with my love life, or lack thereof. I can do whatever I want whenever I want. So in honour of Valentines day, this post is a little list of things that I love.

1)The beach and any form of water. To swim in, to bathe in, to drink (I drink my RDA every day without fail)
2)That point of recognition when you're listening to a great band or artist and you think "I just want to tell everyone about this"
3)Fashion. It may seem obvious but I absolutely get the greatest feeling when i've bought something new. My usual routine is to go home and try it on with everything else I own, making up outfits in my head. It's an even better feeling when it's something you've found in a charity or vintage shop because you know it's one of a kind.
4)Cooking. I really try and be healthy and creative when I cook. I'm training myself to like spicier foods because I just know there are some great flavours I haven't explored yet.
5)Dancing around my room with music blaring, jumping up and down and generally just being silly by myself for a few minutes. ( I usually do this to Kate Bush)
6)Going to any market and finding the haberdashery stall and being amazed at all the different buttons, picking them up and feeling the weight and imagining what i could sew them onto. Then spending about £20 just so I can put them in my huge tub of buttons, in case I need them.
7)Meeting new friends and exciting and interesting people. Finding out things you never knew from them.
8)Being traditional and trying to be a lady. Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston help me to achieve this, both in my house and in my wardrobe.
9)Reminiscing about times gone by, imagining what life would be like if we could go back and experience a time other than the one we're in. Also reminiscing about memories and saying things like, "Remember that time we put on every item of clothing in our hand luggage to walk through customs when we went to Paris"

I think that's enough soppiness to last till next year.

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