Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Iris Van Herpen - in awe!

This is exactly the kind of fashion i thrive on seeing. It's totally unwearable, it's art for the body and is a brilliant example of extremity surrounding the human form.

"The Dutch designer Iris van Herpen has debuted with sculpture clothes that looked like they walked out of a futuristic 3D game, created by whirls of plastic thin strips overlapped and fused together with fine fabrics like silk. The reference for her dresses were the sculptures by American artist KrisKuks, famous for his "post-industrial Rococo" style. The choice of different materials, such as metals, required a rather complex processing techinques, in which the help of electronic design and architect Daniel Widrig has been essential, in order to create the garment's rounded shapes. Remnants of computers and loud speakers were worn as head pieces, which immediately threw us in cybernetic dimension. The dresses were like sci-fi armour made up by herringbone textures. The incredible creativity of Iris Van Herpen certainly doesn't produce wearable clothes, but her stunning pieces are a feast for the eyes. Her works are a striking proof that the line between art, fashion and design is very thin, blurred, often completely absent."
Taken from fellow fashion blogger Cecilia on Le Paradox Blog.

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