Saturday, 19 February 2011

How i have spent the last week.

Noticed a few people doing this whole, my week in pictures thing and think it looks pretty good. That is, if you've actually done various interesting things all week. I just have to remind myself to take photo's via the phone on spur of the moment happenings.
So last week I...

Traced my family tree back to 1805, did the "oops up side your head" dance in a club on valentines day, got given a ring by my sister, Sold my beloved Sebago's on eBay, practiced a bit more harmonica, told my friend Amna the story about some youths touching me on the tube via whatsapp, and then today I made roasted butternut squash soup. SPICY.

Bear in mind, I decided to write about "this week i've been" post about an hour ago. Now i know in advance I can take some more photo's and my life won't appear so mundane.

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