Saturday, 8 January 2011

Total Life Forever

I have loved Foals since my first year at uni way back in 2007. When their second album came out last May, I wasn't overly impressed and felt like everything was a bit drab and dull. Powerful? yes. Epic? yes. But not quite the same as the fun party loving music of the first.
However after listening and listening it is safe to say I now see it as better than their first. I am no music reviewer so I don't know correct jargon, but every time I listen to it now I seem to hear things I never did before. Now every listen I like it more.

I haven't visited their website in a while and I did before and was amazed. It loads up and you have 10 puzzles to click that reveal 10 artistic pictures with some lyrics scrawled over. I LOVE a really good website design, and this really pleases me.

Go have a look

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