Friday, 28 January 2011

Oooooooooooooh Armani have impressed me

I love sequins!!!!!

"With shining gemstones embedded on elevated shoulder pads and jewel-coloured jackets, the Armani Haute Couture show kept to its Eastern influences with elegantly flat Chinese sun hats and exotic makeup. Glittering sequins and diamante were used on flared-sleeve cropped jackets worn with smooth silk satin trousers and daringly low cut V-necks.

The main feature of the cuffs, metallic bow ties, over sized earrings and layers of jewels were their beautifully bright colours, worn with carefully structured use of classic shapes - such as two-toned capes and layered pencil skirts, or bandeau dresses quilted in shimmering scarlet, before a rainbow puffball skirt and shimmering panels of beads gave a mermaid's tail effect in a glowing turquoise."

Blog post pilfered from Dazed Digital, they write what I want to say but in a much better way.

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