Thursday, 6 January 2011

Little bit obsessed with the Rachel Zoe project

Watched the whole first season in a few hours and now on to the second. I cannot get enough of this show.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Taylor. She makes me laugh so much and I can see how Brad could be a suck up and a pain in the ass.
It makes me wish someone would actually give me a break and let me intern. I could pack garment bags and send samples etc. I CAN DO IT, I PROMISE.
But alas, I am not super rich and so cannot afford to live in London without being paid and doing free internships. LAME.
For now, I shall slip on my new moccasin slippers lay back with my fox's chocolate wonders and watch RZP from the beauty of my futon in my friend's attic. True story.

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