Sunday, 2 January 2011


Mine went a little bit like this:
Leeds, Bec Heard, bitchpop, spanish meats, glass in my hand, Furniss drunk, card games, sliming on the floor like a slug, half 10, brudenell social club, crusty punks, dancing, getting kicked by a greb, huge bruise, fashioning snowflake hats, bar close, ball drop, hugs and kisses, punk version of auld langs eye, hammer time, sweaty, outside, walk home, 2am, taxi, Harry Johns, listen to music, foreign vodka, deep talks, oporto's, supplies, walks, more vodka, more talking, Intense, nightmare, slutbox, new girl, 7am, getting sleepy, 8am GONE.

It was a lot of fun. And i think i spent New years day eating twice my body weight in KFC and then Domino's. But it's ok because today I worked it off walking around shopping, buying new lipsticks and a snuggly red jumper.

Back in Sheffield now, I miss Leeds.

Happy times

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