Sunday, 1 August 2010

Lea T - gimmick or goddess?

I was linked to this
article in the guardian yesterday about Brazilian transexual model Lea T, and it got me thinking about the motives behind the campaign for Givenchy and the nude shoot for French vogue.
Are the media just using the fact that this model is a transsexual as a shock tactic? or are they looking beyond this and just seeing the potential in this beautiful woman and trying to open everyones eyes?
It got me thinking back to cycle 11 of America's next top model when Tyra introduced "Isis". Isis was a pre-op transexual and in my opinion not that good of a model. I felt for sure that she had been brought on to boost ratings and not because she could actually win the show.
Lea T however, really does have huge potential. Upon looking at her pictures i really feel that she can be a model, and that she shouldn't just be labelled the transexual. I always feel uneasy talking about topics like these because i know i may come across the wrong way sometimes and that a lot of people will probably think i don't know what i'm talking about.
So i say, judge for yourself. See the pictures.

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