Sunday, 22 August 2010

This is a MAN.

Absolute babe.
I love this advert.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Nail art- i wish i looked after mine better!

The lovely artist of these is Georgia-Rose Fairman, as seen in Vogue. Above are various fashion designers, but its the lovely sweet delights below that i am really obsessing over.
If you want your nails customised, email

Diane Birch - country soul style

Alexander Mcqueen - Brocade wild.

Sarah Burton (McQueen's right hand lady) is now creative director of the McQueen empire and the ready to wear show in Paris was (it was said) an homage to his last collection which remained unfinished.

My favourite pieces.
This gold and cream dress is literally the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

The most beautiful colours chase the sun..

colour everywhere, it is very refreshing.
John Galliano steers Dior's Autumn/Winter collection in a very good direction.
I imagine it is inspired by gardens and floral delights, i am in such awe of this collection.

Luella's guide to English style.

So lovely Luella Bartley has written a book about fashion, in particular English fashion. To be fair, who should know more about this subject than Luella??

"My aim is simply to dig up the roots of and, more importantly, show my unerring appreciation and devotion to those contrived subtleties and that blatant contrariness that makes British women so staggeringly adept in the art of expression through style," says Luella in her introduction.

It features illustrations, photo's diagrams and all sorts of little treasures. Cannot wait.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Dalton Ghetti - Pencil full of lead

Somebody at work showed me these in the metro and i was blown away.
49 year old Dalton Ghetti carves from the graphite lead in the pencil, often taking him months/years to complete.
Not selling his art, Dalton then gives his pencils to his friends. Patience is definitely a virtue.

Proof that square's can make friends too!

Animation by David Shrigley, very cute.

Whitney meets Adidas

Whitney Port of 'The Hills' and 'The City' fame has been signed up for the ad for adidas originals, along with our old fave Agy Deyn.
The ad is about girl power and is fully interactive you can pull the screen grabs to choose a different model on the website. Pretty clever.
Whitney is wearing a floral jumpsuit thing and i have to say, i think it looks a bit naff. She kinda looks like she is just wearing an adult size onesie. I love the girl but someone definitely gave her the wrong choice of outfit.
This advert contains a cover of Friendly Fire's 'Paris' and its a very lovely version, the whole image of the advert is a nice one, i just wish someone had sorted Whitney out properly.

Worshipping Alexa

Saw these the other day, Never have before. She is truly amazing.

Fashion never tasted so sweet

Thanks to a little birdie, i was made aware of these scrumptious new fashion branded lollies.
Created by photographer Massimo Gammacurta, they truly take the sour taste of out fashion.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Channeling 90's grunge

Ignore my silly faces and poses!
I bought a tie dye vest the other day with Seattle music scene emblazoned across the chest.
And i very much enjoy it....

Lea T - gimmick or goddess?

I was linked to this
article in the guardian yesterday about Brazilian transexual model Lea T, and it got me thinking about the motives behind the campaign for Givenchy and the nude shoot for French vogue.
Are the media just using the fact that this model is a transsexual as a shock tactic? or are they looking beyond this and just seeing the potential in this beautiful woman and trying to open everyones eyes?
It got me thinking back to cycle 11 of America's next top model when Tyra introduced "Isis". Isis was a pre-op transexual and in my opinion not that good of a model. I felt for sure that she had been brought on to boost ratings and not because she could actually win the show.
Lea T however, really does have huge potential. Upon looking at her pictures i really feel that she can be a model, and that she shouldn't just be labelled the transexual. I always feel uneasy talking about topics like these because i know i may come across the wrong way sometimes and that a lot of people will probably think i don't know what i'm talking about.
So i say, judge for yourself. See the pictures.