Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Jeremy Deller - Protest house

I can't remember where i saw it, but i saw this photograph and felt compelled to read up on it.

This is from the BBC and gives us a quick background check on the artists.

"Alan Kane and Jeremy Deller took seven years to create the Folk Archive. The show was conceived out of love for popular art and abhorrence for the meaninglessness of the Millennium Dome. The last retrospective of British folk art took place at the Whitechapel in 1951, so it was about time somebody attacked the subject. Yet Deller, who won the Turner Prize last year, and Kane’s approach is surprising. There is very little folk art in the traditional sense of handmade DIY “outsider art”.

Deller and Kane capture the strangeness of contemporary life. Among the 250 works are the detritus of political protests, car rallies, crop circles, clowns and office life. There are photos and footage of strange festivals and competitions where life becomes performance art, including the World Gurning Championships, and a festival of insults and horse skulls in South Wales, called Mari Lwyd."

The Protest house was a house in cardiff, bought for the art project and used to convey messages to the public.

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