Friday, 16 April 2010

Saffron Hunt - Style done well

Named one of the top 100 out of 500 future people in the Observer art & design category in 2009, Saffron hunt is shaping up a great name for herself. Her website has a lovely collection of portfolio images that she has styled, i even noticed some music videos. The one for Foals' Hummer caught my eye the most. If you didn't know me 2 years ago, i was a huge fan of the Foals. When they came to the same nightclub as me after the gig i literally peed myself with excitement.

Here are my favourite images.


  1. hah i know christina - 3rd picture. how weird!!

  2. no way?! That is weird. How do you know her?
    Only just got this KB, this is how regularly i check my comments.