Monday, 29 March 2010

Today i'm wearing...

Browsing through Vogue online and they have a segment called 'Today i'm wearing" with February being Alexa Chung month. For 20 days, Chung takes a little picture of her outfit for the day.
Here are my favourites

see the whole blog here

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Tim Walker creates my dreams.

Sat in the mac suite at uni the other day and my friend asks
"You heard of Tim Walker?"
I hadn't in fact heard of him, but once she showed me his work, i instantly recognised the photographs from past issues of Vogue.
The fact of the matter is, is that Tim Walker creates these lovely dream like pictures that are reminiscent to me of the film BIG FISH.
Objects are enlarged, everything is a bit twee and there is subtle undercurrent of a fairytale throughout every picture story.
Here are my favourites, I particularly enjoy the pastel notes.
like Sophia Coppola's films?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


All that colour on the last post got me thinking about how much i actually do enjoy just vibrant bright colours. I have a rule when doing colour thats as bright as these is, in everyday life NEVER wear more than 3, you'll just look like a walking rainbow.
By wearing 1 or 2 and making them POP is a lot of fun. I tend to wear black jersey pants with a black top and a black leather jacket quite a lot, but then i'll put my brightest pink lipstick on and royal blue shoes.
I never used to wear lipstick, but have been experimenting a little with pink especially hot hot pink and barbie pink.
Red just doesn't work for me. I look like i am 5, playing with mums make-up box.

Monday, 22 March 2010

In the light

So today i was avoiding doing uni work and browsing the web as per, when i came across this.

There wasn't a lot of words accompanying, but i don't actually think it needs it.
They are lamps and not balloons (easy mistake) and it kinda reminds me of the Sony Bravia adverts with the whole multicolour rainbow angle.
Picture taken by Kit Lee for Styleslicker with Lomography ISO 100 in a frozen yoghurt shop in Soho.


PS. HATE that Gonzalez song. But a nice advert despite.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

BOW TIE - Trend Alert!

Sky Farreira

She is 17 and she is beautiful and has a voice way beyond her years.
Here she is behind the scenes at Dazed & Confused shooting for the music issue out soon.
The video is accompanied by Sky singing a cover of Mike Snow's "animal", a firm favourite on my playlist at the moment.


So LPBG is the new brainchild of design duo Ben Grimes and Lily Parkinson. Their first collection was bought by Browns, last season, and now this is the new Spring/Summer line. Although very simple, there are some really lovely pieces in this collection and the London team are already gaining some very good exposure.

Not only are they amazing designers, they also went and made this short film with Josephine De La Baume as an accompanying short story for the collection.